Arlington Central School district logo serves Sleight Farm community of new homes in the Hudson Valley

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New Homes in Dutchess County…with a Top-Notch School District

June 3, 2020

Many of our Sleight Farm buyers are seeking the ideal place to raise their families, so an excellent public school system is a “must-have.” Fortunately, the Sleight Farm community of new homes in Dutchess County is served by the highly-rated Arlington Central School District. Let’s take a closer look at these local schools and how they offer a first-rate, whole-child education.

Arlington Central School district logo serves Sleight Farm community of new homes in the Hudson Valley

The Arlington Central School District’s official mission is to “empower all students to be self-directed, lifelong learners, who willingly contribute to their community, and lead passionate, purposeful lives.”

It’s a large district, with over 10,000 students enrolled at its 11 schools at any given time. Six lower elementary (K-2) schools feed into two upper elementary, or “intermediate” schools (grades 3-5), then two middle schools (grades 6-8), and ultimately Arlington High School.

Residents of Sleight Farm attend Overlook Primary School for kindergarten through 2nd grade – the school itself is just a few minutes down the hill. The student-to-teacher ratio is 14:1. Parents praise this school for its focus on early childhood education, great teachers, diverse student body, and a dedication to making learning fun.

For grades 3-5, Sleight Farm families attend Titusville Intermediate School, where roughly 380 students enjoy a 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio in a close-knit, positive community. Parents report that Titusville offers a great variety of afterschool sports, drama, music, and art activities in additional to strong academic programs.

From there, students move up to LaGrange Middle School for grades 6 to 8, with enrollment of about 900 students and a student-teacher ratio of 11:1.

These schools, and all other schools in the district, feed into Arlington High School. A large student body of approximately 3,000 students means plentiful academic offerings, a robust sports program, extracurricular clubs and activities, and excellent arts education. ranks Arlington High School as the #1 (out of 22) “Best High School for Athletes in Dutchess County, the #2 “Best Public High School in Dutchess County” and the #6 “Best High School for STEM in Dutchess County.”

U.S. News and World Report ranks Arlington High School the 275th best high school in New York State (out of 1,342), while puts it at #115.

Here at Sleight Farm, we are so grateful that families seeking a new home in the Hudson Valley can find, and be part of, such great schools in the LaGrange community.

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