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Meet LMD Homes Sales Director Molly Montero

March 17, 2024

When you call, visit, or meet virtually with LMD Homes, chances are you’ll have the pleasure of speaking with our Sales Director, Molly Montero. Molly is a relatively new addition to the LMD Homes team, and we are so grateful to have her! Here are 10 questions (and answers) that will help you get to know Molly and the experience that awaits you when you reach out to LMD.

Photo of Molly Montero

Can you tell us a bit about your professional background and how you came to join the Sleight Farm team?

My career started at a pharmaceutical company, working in the Real Estate and Facilities Management department as a Space Planning team member.  In that role, I coordinated moves for individuals, teams, and full departments. I also oversaw the work being done by vendors to modify and renovate workspaces, and even dabbled with auditing labs for lab equipment and layout changes! I decided to make a career change in the beginning of 2022, which is when I got into real estate. Prior to joining the LMD Homes team, I was working with buyers, sellers, and renters in the residential real estate market.  In New York, I focused on the Hudson Valley, but I also became licensed in Connecticut, where I worked solely in Fairfield County.

Tell us about a typical day at The Grove’s sales center.

Every day at the sales center seems to be different with one common factor – it is always busy and booming! Whether it’s an introductory sales meeting with new purchasers, working with existing purchasers on their structural selections or colors and finishes, coordinating with the builder, construction manager, or vendors on our projects, there is always work being done and progress being made.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Out of all of the things I love about my job, one of my favorite parts is meeting with existing purchasers to see the progress being made on their homes. There is nothing more meaningful than seeing someone’s vision come to life before their very eyes.

What do you love about The Grove’s corner of Dutchess County? Why do people want to live here?

The Grove is such a special corner of Dutchess County. You feel as though you are in your own world within the community, yet you have the added convenience of only being a few minutes’ drive in any direction to shops, restaurants, major roadways, train stations, etc. Living at The Grove really gives you the best of both worlds.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges home purchasers are facing these days?

The biggest challenge purchasers are facing these days is the lack of inventory in the resale market.  The law of supply and demand is in full effect when it comes to home prices! In the resale market, you are still paying top dollar for an older home that you have a list of projects and “to-do’s” for before you even get the keys.

How do you (and LMD Homes) address those issues?

Building with LMD Homes offers the perfect solution to that challenge. Building with us allows buyers the opportunity to own a new construction home complete with warranties, all while having the luxury of being able to choose their location, model, and structural and finish upgrades.

What are the most popular features buyers want to customize with a new home?

Some of the most popular features I see purchasers add (if their home does not already come standard with them) are 9′ ceilings, a basement, a back deck, and a second sink in the owner’s bathroom. The common denominator in these features is that they provide additional spaciousness.

What do you feel sets LMD Homes apart from other home builders in Dutchess County?

LMD Homes truly sets itself apart from other builders in two main ways; price and customization. It is undeniable that our prices are the most competitive in the area for new construction. Our price point allows more purchasers the opportunity to build the new construction home of their dreams. The level of customization we offer also differentiates from other builders in the area. Instead of being forced to choose from three different interior aesthetics (or sometimes not having the choice at all), we allow purchasers to choose a majority of their finishes.

What’s your favorite room in your own home?

My favorite space in my own home is the kitchen! I love to cook and bake ,and am fortunate to have a large kitchen with a ton of cabinet and counter space. My kitchen also opens up to our great room, which makes it wonderful for entertaining.

We think you’re a pretty fun person. Can you share a Fun Fact about yourself?

A fun fact about me is that I completed an interior design certificate program!  I have always had an interest in design, which is why going through colors and finishes selections is so much fun for me.

You can call, email or schedule a visit with Molly to learn more about building with LMD Homes.

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