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7 Great Reasons To Buy a New Construction Home in Dutchess County

September 26, 2022

Why should I buy a new home instead of a “used” home? Is buying new construction a smart investment? Is it better to move into a new construction community rather than an established neighborhood?

All excellent questions! If you’re planning to buy a home here in the Hudson Valley and exploring new construction home options, there’s a lot to consider. Based on our experiences meeting home buyers and guiding them through the new home building experience, we’ve identified the 7 best reasons why people buy in a new construction community:
Sweeping view of Sleight Farm new home community in LaGrange NY
1) You can choose the right home site AND the right home
Home buyers often find the right house, but on the wrong type of lot. Or they love the property but not the house that’s on it. When you buy in a new home community, you get to separate out these choices! You can select a site that best meets your needs and wants – for instance, one with a view, or privacy, or larger acreage – then choose a home model that does the same. Home models are often available in various elevations, so you don’t have to sacrifice exterior character. Keep in mind that you’ll have the best chances of getting a home site you want when you buy early in a new development’s sales phase.
2) You can customize a floor plan that fits your lifestyle
Once you choose a general floor plan for the model you want, you’ll typically be offered great options and flexibility to make it your own. Add a basement, two-car garage, first-floor master bedroom, upstairs laundry room…the possibilities are many (and exciting). You can really take into account how you live, and how you’ve always wanted to live, and take it from there.
New construction home being built in Dutchess County at Sleight Farm
3) You know your home is built to the highest and most up-to-date standards
When you buy in a new home community, you get assurance that your home is being built to current standards, as well as the latest codes and variances. It was raised from the foundation up using cutting-edge construction methods and energy-efficient gas, water, electric, and HVAC technologies. Here’s an added bonus: a new community’s public utility lines were recently laid down and planned out, making future problems unlikely.
Glass tile choices at Sleight Farm custom home design center in Dutchess County
4) You design it your way
Many buyers tell us that selecting their own finishes for cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, and more is their favorite part of the new construction home purchase experience. You’re truly making your new home your own, reflecting your personal lifestyle and tastes, rather than trying to “undo” those of a previous owner. A great, buyer-oriented builder will keep this process from being overwhelming and, we dare say, make it enjoyable!
5) You’ll save money now AND in the future
A new construction home is an excellent investment in the long run with regard to resale value, but you’ll also get returns on a short-term basis. While a “used” home can be full of things just waiting to break down and need replacing, a new home and its products are pristine and under warranty. They’re all designed and constructed with materials that are made to last, so you have peace of mind – plus extra money to put toward savings, vacations, or other things that are much more fun than home repairs. You’re also likely to see savings in your utility bills, thanks to your new home’s energy efficient insulation, windows, HVAC systems, and appliances.
Sweeping view of Sleight Farm new home community in Dutchess County
6) You get to enjoy the location, location, location
There’s a reason why a new construction home community was built in a certain spot: it’s an amazing place to live! The neighborhood was developed in part because someone did the research for you, and found that it’s close to great schools, hospitals, shopping, recreation, public transportation, main roads and highways, and natural beauty. The streets were likely designed with safety and accessibility in mind. There may also be community amenities like a playground or recreation center. Explore and make the most of it all!
View of a neighborhood street in new construction community Sleight Farm in Dutchess County
7) New home communities make for good neighbors
Most of the homeowners in your new community will be, like you, fresh to the neighborhood. They’ve chosen this place as their new home for many of the same reasons you have, and are possibly in the same place life-wise – a young family, for instance, or an active older adult. There’s something about the fresh energy of a newly created neighborhood that brings people together and forges long-lasting relationships…which can help make your house a true home in every sense of the word.

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